Yard Makeover, Sod Installation

Dylan's Property Maintenance has the experience required to rejuvenate any lawn. From the lawn lacking the basic nutrients, over run by weeds to sodding a new or existing area. We can provide the lawn fertilizer required to turn things green again!

Fertilizer and weed control is a staple of any lawn maintenance program.

Aeration, Overseed, Seed, Lawn Repair

To Seed?

Using premium seed, Dylan's Property Maintenance, is able to help rejuvenate your lawn! Of course it takes more than just seed to have a beautiful green lawn. Aeration and lawn fertilizer are also vital to maintaining a weed free lawn! Lawn maintenance isn't just a hobby for us its a way of life.

sod installation
seed installation

Or to Sod? The big question in lawn repair!

Looking to expand the green space in your back yard? Yard over-run with weeds? Landscape Overgrown? Do you need grass yesterday? Sod is the answer. We have the skill and ability to give you exactly what you are looking for.